Frontend Developer

Job Category: Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore

About Zivame

Zivame was founded in 2011 with the vision to facilitate women to shop uninhibitedly for intimate wear and to make lingerie shopping personalized and convenient. Zivame is now the No. 1 B2C intimate wear brand in India with 55+ retail stores and presence in 1450+ partner stores across India with the mission to be a one-stop destination for every woman’s intimate wear needs. Zivame believes that every woman is unique, and wants to deliver a platform that allows her to browse, discover and shop what she desires.

All the products at Zivame stem from the desire to design something that is a blend of quality, innovation, and comfort. Zivame offers trendy lingerie, activewear, sleepwear, and shapewear in over 3000 + exclusive designs and 100 + sizes catering to women across all body types.

What to expect from Zivame?

  • Passion

We’re not just an e-commerce company, a women’s wear brand or a retail organization. We are together in solving problems for millions of women in India; and that passion drives everything that we do. It’s that passion that helps us do things by keeping the Indian woman front and center in all of our efforts – from Design to Technology, from Marketing to Logistics and everything in between.

  • Bias for Action

Being an organization that is growing rapidly comes with a culture where everyone strives for creating business impact in their own roles. This strong Bias for Action is seen at every function in the organization at every level which helps us keep bureaucracy to the minimum, make quick decisions, take our ideas to action and see the impact first-hand. We also recognize great performance when we see it, not just at the annual day.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

We strive for holistic outcomes and not in silos. Work takes the shortest path possible and people work across functions, levels, experience seamlessly. That meeting could’ve been an email, which could’ve been a call, which could’ve been an in-person discussion. And…Action!

  • Transparency

A stand-out tenet of our culture has to be the transparency that’s woven into the fabric of Zivame. We discuss everything openly, have no closed offices, no colleague out-of-bounds and no hidden agenda. Our monthly townhalls, coffees with the CEO, an open feedback culture are just a few things you’ll notice while working with us.

About Zivame’s Technology team

Being the leaders in our category, we’re the trailblazers. The Pathbreakers. We’re a tech-first organization and that manifests itself into everything at Zivame. We solve difficult problems, work on cutting-edge tech and build world-class platforms. With some of the best minds in the business, we’re one of the sought-after learning and career destination in the world of Tech. If you’re looking to work at a Product-Tech-Startup with opportunities to forge your own career path in Tech, give us a shout out.

Also, wondering about how Tech spearheads the Zivame growth story? Leave us a message with the subject-line “Zivame Tech Story” on and we’ll help set up a conversation with one of our leaders.


  • Have 2-4 years of experience.
  • Be fluent in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Responsive Design and understand single page site designs.
  • Have experience in developing mobile optimized, cross browser compatible pages.
  • Know how to optimize a page for speed.
  • Know how to use the developer console to debug JavaScript errors.
  • Understand closures in JavaScript and Global namespacing.
  • Know how to use a source code repository.
  • Understand how to resolve conflicts when using a Source Repository.
  • Worked with JSON and AJAX extensively.
  • Understand UI Frameworks like Bootstrap or MaterialUI with an opinion on when to NOT use them.
  • Have experience working with AT LEAST ONE among the following: Angular, Vue, React.

It will be GREAT if you (and this is what we look for):

  • Hate IE8 (with a passion).
  • Have run into (or created) bugs by using duplicate class names (and fixed it).
  • Have created JS files that have more lines of code than some of the backend code
  • handling it (and possibly optimized it later).
  • Have caused a page/site/feature to crash in production.
  • Commonly pick fights with backend developers over wrong responses for AJAX calls.
  • Hate IE8 (yes, we know we are repeating ourselves).

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