Graphic Designer

Job Category: Brand Marketing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore

About Zivame

Zivame was founded in 2011 with the vision to facilitate women to shop uninhibitedly for intimate wear and to make lingerie shopping personalized and convenient. Zivame is now the No. 1 B2C intimate wear brand in India with 55+ retail stores and presence in 1450+ partner stores across India with the mission to be a one-stop destination for every woman’s intimate wear needs. Zivame believes that every woman is unique, and wants to deliver a platform that allows her to browse, discover and shop what she desires.

All the products at Zivame stem from the desire to design something that is a blend of quality, innovation, and comfort. Zivame offers trendy lingerie, activewear, sleepwear, and shapewear in over 3000 + exclusive designs and 100 + sizes catering to women across all body types.

What to expect from Zivame?

  • Passion

We’re not just an e-commerce company, a women’s wear brand or a retail organization. We are together in solving problems for millions of women in India; and that passion drives everything that we do. It’s that passion that helps us do things by keeping the Indian woman front and center in all of our efforts – from Design to Technology, from Marketing to Logistics and everything in between.

  • Bias for Action

Being an organization that is growing rapidly comes with a culture where everyone strives for creating business impact in their own roles. This strong Bias for Action is seen at every function in the organization at every level which helps us keep bureaucracy to the minimum, make quick decisions, take our ideas to action and see the impact first-hand. We also recognize great performance when we see it, not just at the annual day.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

We strive for holistic outcomes and not in silos. Work takes the shortest path possible and people work across functions, levels, experience seamlessly. That meeting could’ve been an email, which could’ve been a call, which could’ve been an in-person discussion. And…Action!

  • Transparency

A stand-out tenet of our culture has to be the transparency that’s woven into the fabric of Zivame. We discuss everything openly, have no closed offices, no colleague out-of-bounds and no hidden agenda. Our monthly townhalls, coffees with the CEO, an open feedback culture are just a few things you’ll notice while working with us.

About Zivame’s Brand team

Imagine having the power to represent the foremost brand in the space of Women’s Intimate Wear in a country as large as ours. The ability to take your ideas into action, have conversations that make a difference in the lives of real women, turn doodles into art and intent to real-life outcomes. That’s exactly what it feels to be a part of the Brand Marketing team at Zivame. Armed with a team of passionate creators and conversationalists, this team is the face and voice of Zivame to the outside world.

Interested? What are you waiting for?

Why graphic design is important at Zivame
Our designs and interface are viewed by millions across the country, and we work hard to target
every single woman and speak via design to every one of them.
We believe user experience via graphic and visual design should be like that magical feeling. When
women use our app & website we want them to know we are here to make their life easier, we are
here to support them, and to add value to everyday life
With every project we take on, be it a sale, be it a new social property, be it designing a new product
tag or coming up with an absolutely fresh campaign visual, we like experimenting, we like learning
about what works and what doesn’t. We believe we can learn something new every day.
Our graphic design team creates emails, social posts, website campaigns, digital ads, offline visuals,
and builds Zivame’s brand identity and visual architecture. Each time making sure our designs give
Zivame a cohesive feel across channels.

What we are looking for (the tiny but important details)
● 0-3 Years of experience
● A collaborative bent of mind
● Excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator
● Working knowledge of Flash would be an added advantage

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